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Postnatal Care
Pressure Points Cover

> Infant feeding - Supporting parent choice

Our latest report looks into the experiences of Midwives, Maternity Support Workers, Student Midwives and Mothers around the issues of infant feeding in the postnatal period. You can download and read the report by clicking on the image to the right.

Whist the RCM will be working hard to raise the awareness of the problem faced by maternity services in the media, we are asking our members to do two things to help us highlight the problem and  make the UK government take notice  -

1. Share and spread the word #pressurepoints 

By sharing our reports and infographics you can help us share the campaign.

You can either visit our Facebook  / Twitter page and share our infographics directly from the sites, or you can download them below to help us spread the word. The more people that we can highlight the issue too, the better .

Infant feeding infographic
Infant feeding infographic

2. Write or email your local elected representative 

Writing to those who represent you about improving maternal mental healthcare is one important way in which you can help the RCM’s campaign.

Unsure who to write to?

If you don’t know who to write to or you just want to check, then visit the below websites and helplines who can advise the best way to contact them -

Unsure of what to write?

You can download our suggested text for a letter below. We are giving you a suggested text for a letter, but we know that they value individualised letters more than pro forma ones like this, so if you can personalise this text and drawn upon personal experience it will have more impact.

Thank you for your support! 

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Postnatal Care